Tuition & Fees

We hope this guide will help you plan for your Nicholas School experience. Consult our Financial Support page for information about financial assistance opportunities.

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These tables provide an overview of the expenses our Master’s degree students should expect for the 2014-2015 academic year. See below for details about what is included in these costs.

For Academic Year 2014-2015, the below tuition and fees apply. Tuition and fees for future terms are subjuect to change.

Tuition & Fees Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Total
Tuition 16,450 16,450 32,900
Health Fee* 342 342 684
Health Insurance*^
please refer to chart below
0 0 0**
Student Gov't. Fee*^ 17 17 34
Recreation Fee^ 120 120 240
Transcript Fee 40 0 40
Total (tuition + fees - RESIDENTIAL students) $16,969 $16,929 $33,898
Total (tuition + fees - ONLINE students) $16,799.00 $16,759.00 $33,558
Other expenses: Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Total
Books/Supplies^ 620 620 1,240
Housing^ 3,882 3,882 7,763
Board 2,281 2,281 4,562
Transportation^ 824 824 1,648
Miscellaneous^ 1,704 1,704 3,408
Loan Fees 277 277 554

Total (living expenses - RESIDENTIAL students)

$9,587 $9,587 $19,173

Total (living expenses - ONLINE students)

$4,273 $2,187 $6,460
Grand Total (RESIDENTIAL students) $26,555.50 $26,515.50 $53,071
Grand Total (ONLINE students) $21,072.00 $18,986.00 $40,058.00

^Fees are either not applicable to DEL-MEM students or vary from MEM Residential fees

*Subject to change per May 2014 Board of Trustees meeting/approval.

**Health Insurance (Annual Charge)
(age on August 1, 2014)
Under 24:   $1,895   Spouse   $3,480 (in addition)
24-34:   $2,280   Children   $1,980 (in addition)
35-44:   $3,200   Family   $5,715 (in addition)
45-54:   $4,695        
55+:   $6,510        


The Nicholas School uses a “flat-fee” tuition structure, which means all master’s degree students pay the same tuition regardless of their specific program or whether the work is done online or in residence. This flat fee covers between 9 and 15 units of credit per semester. Normal full-time enrollment is expected to be 12 units per semester.

Program Length
Students in the two-year MEM and MF programs pay the flat-fee tuition for four semesters. Students in the one-year MF degree option pay the flat-fee tuition for two semesters. Students in the concurrent MEM/MF program pay the flat-fee tuition for a minimum of five semesters.

Summer Session
Summer classes are not included in the flat-fee tuition. If you wish to take additional summer credits, find courses and tuition information at the Duke Summer Session website. Students may also study during the summer at the Duke Marine Lab.

Special Cases
Registering for fewer than nine or more than 15 credits in a semester requires special permission. Students who are permitted to enroll part-time (fewer than nine units) will be charged $1500 per credit unit for the 2013-2014 academic year and $1500 per audited course for non-degree seeking students.

All students must be registered, approved for a leave of absence, or pay a minimum continuation registration fee ($350 for 2013-2014) for each semester until their degree is completed. Students who have completed the required semesters and all course requirements except the master's project will be charged the continuation registration fee each semester until their degree is completed.


For residential students, housing is typically the second-largest expense after tuition. Most graduate students rent off-campus housing from private landlords; however, limited on-campus housing is also available for professional and graduate students. Duke’s Housing, Dining & Residence Life website is a great place to start your housing search. 

Transportation costs vary significantly depending on where you live and how you plan to get to school. The Student Affairs Transportation website provides guidance about the transportation options to consider.   

International Students
Must provide a statement of support with their Visa application. International students must have proof of support for ten months of living expenses. The "Grand Total" for the purpose of obtaining a Visa is $52,938.50 plus Duke's student health insurance at the appropriate level (below) plus $7,250 support for spouse and $3250 support per dependent in addition to spouse Find more information for international students here.