Master of Environmental Management (MEM) - Online

The Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management (DEL-MEM) program offers a master’s degree for working professionals focused on environmental management and leadership development. The DEL-MEM program provides mid-career, working environmental professionals with a minimum of five years professional environmental experience, an opportunity to continue their education, advance their careers, and become leaders in their organization. Through DEL’s innovative and flexible format, students can do all this while maintaining their career and personal lives and without the need to uproot.

Program Format

The Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management (DEL-MEM) melds the Nicholas School’s multidisciplinary environmental curriculum with the renowned “place and space™" model of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. This model capitalizes on the advantages of both online and traditional learning models and is comprised of courses taught through written and electronic formats, case studies, and brief intensive on-campus sessions. Because of the design and flexibility of the DEL-MEM program, students are able to maintain their commitments to their employer and family while earning a master's degree.

Learn more about the Place and Space formats.

Curriculum & Courses

The DEL-MEM program is a two-year, four-semester, 30-credit program that focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to environmental management. Through individual and group coursework, and your master's project, students tackle real-life case studies containing problems and solutions directly related to your current profession.

The program requirements include attendance to all five place-based session and successful completion of the following (click here for information on specific courses):

  • Orientation course at the Duke campus -- 1 credit (required)
  • Professional Writing Course -- 1 credit (required)
  • Core courses -- 12 credits (required):
    • Ecosystem Science & Management or Environmental Decision Analysis
    • Economics of Environmental Management
    • Environmental Law and Policy
    • Program Management for Environmental Professionals
  • Focused courses/electives developed around specialized themes -- minimum of 11 credits (student-defined combination)
  • Environmental leadership module including hallmark place-based session in Washington, DC, featuring prominent leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors (learn more >) -- 1 credit (required)
  • Master’s project directly related to the student’s current employment -- 4 credits (required)