Executive Education Certificate Program

This non-degree certificate is offered by the Duke Environmental Leadership’s Executive Education program and provides environmental professionals with high-quality skills courses led by Duke faculty and instructors.  The communications certificate focuses on understanding the philosophy of environmental behavior change and then providing specific skills in marketing, writing, self-editing, social media, and planning that will help you implement a successful environmental campaign. These courses are all conducted in an engaging, synchronous online format that allows full-time employees to learn tangible new skills and network with classmates from all over the world without the time or expense of travel.  Each of the four classes is divided into approximately six sessions (one hour class per week for approximately six weeks). Students will be able to complete the entire certificate within a calendar year.  Duke University faculty and instructors lead each class and are available to advise on weekly projects and assignments.

In order to complete the certificate, each student will incorporate the specific communication skills learned in the modules (behavior change, writing, and social media) into a succinct, tangible communications plan. Our goal is to provide you with the resources to create an effective and manageable framework to create and deliver a compelling environmental message for yourself or your organization.

Do I need to apply and be accepted into the Environmental Communications Certificate Program?

There is no formal application process before you can begin coursework toward the Environmental Communications Certificate. There are no prerequisite course requirements. Upon successful completion of the four courses and a final communications plan or project, a student is eligible to receive the certificate through Duke University. You will then need to fill out the Certificate Enrollment Form and submit your course records to receive the official certificate.

How many courses do I have to take to earn an Environmental Communications Certificate?

The certificate requires four courses of Environmental Communications instruction in specific Duke University online short courses. Currently, the two required courses are Environmental Communications for Behavior Change and Environmental Communications Planning and your choice of two elective courses. We recommend your first course to be Environmental Communication for Behavior Change and your last course to be Environmental Communication Planning. In the Environmental Communications Planning course you will be required to write a communications plan, which will be the final paper and requirement to receive the certificate.

What if I have taken a courses in the past, will it count towards the certificate?

Yes, if you have taken any of the required environmental communications courses in the past and DEL and/or participant can verify successful completion of the course it will count towards the certificate.

What if my first course is not Environmental Communications for Behavior Change?

We highly recommend that your last course is the Environmental Communications Planning course. However, we understand this will not always be the case. If your first course is Environmental Communications Planning we can make special arrangements for you to submit a final report, summary, or evaluation of your campaign that will count as your final project.

Is there a charge for the certificate?

The charge for the certificate is included in the tuition for individual Environmental Communications courses.