Executive Education

As a leading program for advanced learning, the DEL Executive Education program is designed for the environmental professional. We provide you the opportunity to:

Expand and add depth to your current knowledge and skills. Curriculum blends theory with practice and applied training. DEL Exec Ed offers courses in multiple areas for focused studies at the introductory level to the seasoned practitioner. Refreshed and expanded skills can be applied to your work projects and organization.

"Having reached a mid-point in my career, I realized I was going to have to remake myself to compete in today's marketplace. Duke's Environmental Leadership Program has helped me retool for the next stage." 
- Peter T. Masson, DEL Program Participant

Learn from and engage with recognized leaders.Instructors who teach for DEL Exec Ed courses bring educational and hands-on experience to the classroom. Diverse teams of educators, including Duke faculty and subject matter experts, teach concepts, application and case studies.

Meet new colleagues and broaden your network.Exchange ideas and share information in the DEL Exec Ed peer-to-peer learning environment. Collaboration and capacity-building are encouraged through course socials, class exercises and post-course online forums.

Focus on your development at Duke University. The DEL Exec Ed program is supported by Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, the U.S.’s premier provider of environmental education. The academic setting and resources available through Duke University provide a learning environment conducive to investing in your professional growth.

Choose from multiple formats for advanced learning. For your convenience, DEL Exec Ed offers three options for learning. Place-based sessions are offered at Duke University. Online courses are offered using web conferencing technology. Customizable courses bring the DEL Exec Ed program to you and your organization.