Mission Statement

The Division of Earth & Ocean Sciences is located in the Old Chemistry Building on West Campus. The Faculty at EOS conducts research worldwide, from deep seafloor (5000 m depth) in the Pacific Ocean to altitudes of >4000 m in the South American Altiplano. Research interests of the EOS faculty are focused in three main areas: Oceans and Climate Processes, Earth Surface Processes, and the Solid Earth Processes. EOS includes a core faculty of 18 with several research faculty, faculty emeriti, secondary and adjunct appointments and post-doctoral investigators. There are approximately 18 students in the EOS graduate program. The Division also administers two professional training programs in Global Environmental Change and in Energy & Resources.

The mission of the Division of Earth & Ocean Sciences is research and education focused on a description and understanding of the processes that affect the behavior of the Earth’s surface, its oceans, climate, and interior. The Division faculty advise and teach PhD students and undergraduates, and are engaged in advising and teaching professional master’s degree (MEM, CEM) students in programs focusing on global change, coastal environments, and energy and resources. 

Research Areas:


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EOS PhD Required Courses (3 units each)

  • EOS 520 – Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
  • EOS 540 – Introduction to Modeling in the Earth Sciences
  • EOS 567 – Analyzing Time and Space Series

A total of 30 units (24 graded) are required.