Undergraduate Students - Summer II 2015 Courses

July 6 - August 7, 2015

updated 8/28/2014

Summer Term II features the NEW Marine Conservation Summer Institute which immerses students and practitioners in the interdisciplinary fundamentals of marine conservation biology and policy. The focus is on experiential problem solving - using natural and social science theory to resolve real-world environmental problems. Students have daily one-on-one interaction with world-renowned faculty in a small class setting on an island that is its own outdoor research laboratory. Additional course options include Global Fisheries Conflicts, Marine Ecology, Writing in the Digital Ecosystem, Who’s Buried in Beaufort, Multi-Method Approaches to Social and Policy Research and Independent study. All students live together at the Marine Lab’s residential campus located in coastal Beaufort, NC.

Course Load
  • The Marine Conservation Summer Institute is one five-week long class and may not be taken in conjunction with any other courses.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday courses: Marine Ecology, Global Fisheries Conflicts, and Writing in the Digital Ecosystem. These classes may not be taken concurrently.
  • Tuesday and Friday courses: Who’s Buried in Beaufort?, Multi-Method Approaches to Social Policy and Research. These courses may be paired with courses that meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (Marine Ecology, Global Fisheries Conflicts, Writing in the Digital Ecosystem).
  • Students enrolled in Physics 142LA may not take a second course.
  • Students interested in Research Independent Study should contact hnearing@duke.edu for instructions.
The summer courses below are open to college undergraduates, graduate students, and post-baccalaureates. These courses are not open to high school students.

How to Enroll
Duke students enroll through ACES
Non-Duke students are asked to submit an enrollment form online

Course Costs
Tuition and Room & Board costs can be found on the costs page: Summer Costs

Tuition Scholarships are available for marine science courses during the summer (one per summer).

Questions? Contact ml_enrollment@nicholas.duke.edu