Undergraduate Degrees

The Nicholas School of the Environment cooperates with Trinity College to offer exciting educational opportunities to Duke undergraduates interested in the environment (from both a science and policy perspective), in earth sciences, ocean sciences, and natural history.

Interested in the interdisciplinary study of environmental issues?
     A.B. in Environmental Sciences & Policy >

Do you want a scientific perspective on environmental issues?
     B.S. in Environmental Sciences >

Interested in learning about the Earth, its atmosphere, the oceans, and natural history?
     A.B. in Earth & Ocean Sciences >

Do you want to become an earth scientist or oceanographer?
     B.S. in Earth & Ocean Sciences >

Learn more about how to declare an EOS or ENVIRON major.

Students in other departments can also minor in Environmental Science & Policy or Earth & Ocean Sciences.

Certificate Programs
Marine Science & Conservation Leadership Certificate
Certificate in Energy & Environment

In addition to these degrees, the Nicholas School offers all undergraduate students, no matter what their major, the opportunity to spend a semester or summer of study at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, N.C. to fulfill elective requirements.

Learn more about our degree programs by reading our mission and goals >