Celebrating the Wetland Center's 25th Anniversary in 2015

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Workshop Videos Now Online

Lecture sessions from a DUWC stream and wetland restoration design workshop are now available for viewing online.


The Wetland Center celebrated its 25th birthday on World Wetlands Day with a wetland career symposium.


Using Turtles as a Measure of Stream Restoration Success

DUWC's SWAMP Bird Checklist
Updated September 20, 2014

The Stream and Wetland Assessment Management Park (SWAMP) is a restoration and research project of the Duke University Wetland Center. The public is welcome to visit SWAMP sites along Duke's Al Buehler Cross Country Trail. (MORE)
(Photo by M. Ho)
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03/05/15 Science Daily: Drought-weakened rainforests "inhale less carbon"
03/05/15 Express.com: GPS-fitted Bewick Swans will help prevent windfarm deaths for migrating birds

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The goal of the Duke University Wetland Center is to provide sound scientific knowledge that will lead to sustainable wetland functions and values for the nation and the world.
The Center works toward this goal by conducting, sponsoring, and coordinating research and teaching on critical wetland issues.
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