John Sayles - Bio

John Sayles likes to be known as a storyteller. Amigo is his 17th film, all of which he has also written, and most of which he has edited. He writes fiction and has published several novels and collections of short stories. His book about the making of Matewan, “Thinking in Pictures” is taught in film classes and has never been out of print. His new novel A Moment in the Sun, set around 1900, substantially in the Philippines, was published by McSweeney’s in May 2011, and has gone into its second printing.

Sayles supports his directing career as a “writer for hire” in Hollywood. Though his work is often un-credited, he recently wrote and received credit on Spiderwick Chronicles. Currently he is writing about KGB assassins, the Tasmanian penal colony, the Rosenberg spy case, and the great singer- songwriters Joni Mitchell, Carole King, & Carly Simon. He directed three music videos for Bruce Springsteen; Born in the USA, I'm on Fire, and Glory Days.

He is one of the godfathers– or grandfathers– of the US Independent Film movement. He lives with his producing partner of many years, Maggie Renzi, in upstate New York.