Active Shooter Training Program, Part 2

July 26, 2017 - 10:00 am to 11:30 am
EH 2102, Environment Hall – Durham; Bookhout Conference Room – Beaufort


UPDATE – This session will not be available for Beaufort Campus

SHOTS FIRED ON CAMPUS: Active Shooter Training Program, Part 2.
Modified Tabletop Armed Intruder Exercise
Crime Prevention Specialists at Duke Police

UPDATE-New Description: The purpose of the tabletop exercise is to enhance the ability of establishing a survival mindset and preventing a panic mindset. It is a personalized exercise that will focus on Environmental Hall and LSRC. This exercise will review the options to consider if you are ever confronted with this situation. We will ask the “What If” questions.  The scenario will include employees from Nicholas School.  This exercise will be completed with both powerpoint slideshow and DVD

This will be recorded and streamed via panopto.

In light of recent incidents across campuses throughout our country and abroad, we have received several requests from faculty and staff to hold a training session with Duke police to learn protocols and response procedures for dealing with an active shooter in one of our classrooms or on Duke’s campus.

We will follow up with subsequent trainings about other issues of safety and security.

RSVP: SHOTS FIRED ON CAMPUS: Active Shooter Training Program, Part 2.

Here is a video that Duke produced on the subject

 For more info: Contact Nancy Kelly