Biodiversity Days: Day 1 - Evening Lecture with E.O. Wilson and Biodiversity Panel Discussion

April 24, 2015 - 7:30 pm
Reynolds Industries Theater, Bryan University Center

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7:30 p.m.          
Edward O. Wilson

Pellegrino University Professor, Harvard University 

“Setting Aside Half the World for the Rest of Life”

Edward Osborne Wilson is generally recognized as one of the leading scientists in the world. He is also recognized as one of the foremost naturalists in both science and literature, as well as synthesizer in works stretching from pure biology across to the social sciences and humanities. Wilson is acknowledged as the creator of two scientific disciplines (island biogeography and sociobiology), three unifying concepts for science and the humanities jointly (biophilia, biodiversity studies, and consilience), and one major technological advance in the study of global biodiversity (the Encyclopedia of Life). Among more than one hundred awards he has received worldwide are the U. S. National Medal of Science, the Crafoord Prize (equivalent of the Nobel, for ecology) of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the International Prize of Biology of Japan; and in letters, two Pulitzer Prizes in non-fiction, the Nonino and Serono Prizes of Italy and COSMOS Prize of Japan. For his work in conservation he has received the Gold Medal of the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Audubon Medal of the Audubon Society. He is currently Honorary Curator in Entomology and University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and Chairman of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Board of Advisors.

Biodiversity Panel Discussion
“Global Conservation”
Panelists: Edward O. Wilson, Jim McClintock, Callum Roberts, and Greg Carr 
Moderator: Stuart Pimm 

The United States inspired the world when it invented national parks. “Now,” says E.O. Wilson, “it’s time to take things to the next level.” Join Edward O. Wilson, Callum Roberts, Jim McClintock, Greg Carr and Stuart Pimm as they explore a bold new strategy for protecting biodiversity in vital places around the world. E.O. Wilson will start the evening by introducing his vision for “Half Earth”—the permanent networks of protected and interconnected wild landscapes that are necessary to ensure the survival of the 10 million other species with which we share the planet. This short lecture will be followed by a deep panel discussion of unique ideas, practical experiences, and creative solutions that can bring this goal to life. Come to be inspired. Join some of the finest boots-on-the-ground researchers and conservationists as they discuss a thoughtful, moral and science-based response to the current biodiversity extinction crisis.
9:00 p.m.        Adjourn