Is Conservation Christian? Talk by Dr. Kyle Van Houtan

April 4, 2018 - 5:00 pm
0012 Westbrook, Divinity School


Is Conservation Christian?

An ecologist shares why his faith and science compel one another

Photo courtesy of ©Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Dr. Kyle Van Houtan
Director of Science, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Adjunct Associate Professor, Nicholas School of the Environment


As a child, Dr. Van Houtan spent thousands of hours observing and imagining the flow of life through the streams and estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Fifteen years ago he came to Duke Divinity and the Nicholas School of the Environment to explore the overlap in ecology and theology, particularly around the conservations on extinction and the Amazon basin. Since graduating, Van Houtan has gone on to a successful career in marine biology, receiving a prestigious award from President Obama, and having his research covered broadly by NPR, the New York Times, Nature, and others. In this lecture, Dr. Van Houtan will discuss his research on Christian environmental ethics and his personal vocational journey as an empirical scientist. He will discuss the various takes on Christian dominion, the moral priority of the weak, and the cloud of witnesses from the non-human creation.

Open to the public and available via webcast here.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Christianity and Scholarship and the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Directions and Parking: Visitors can park in the Bryan Center Parking Garage. Click here for a map to the Bryan Center Parking Garage and here for walking directions from there to the Divinity School. The Westbrook building is the newest part of the Divinity School. The easiest way to reach 0012 Westbrook is to enter the far left door (you are in the right place if you see a large piece of stained glass after you enter) and proceed down two flights of stairs past Goodson Chapel. When you are on the 00 level, make a u-turn at the bottom of the stairs and move toward the hallway of classrooms.