'Lunch With ENV/EOS Students' with Nicholas School Alumna Erica Blyther

November 3, 2017 - 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
5th Floor Board Room at Environment Hall
Nicholas School alumna alumni Erica Blyther LAX story BIG


- 1,500+ flights departures daily
- 80.9 million passengers annually
- 6,000 vehicles entering hourly

Each day, Los Angeles International Airport manages sustainability issues on a global scale. Nicholas School alumna Erica Blyther T'98 is a vital part of its successful and innovative environmental policies with nearly 10 years under her belt working as an environmental supervisor for Los Angeles City Airports.
She'll be sharing first-hand insight into LAX's water consumption, waste diversion and greenhouse gas solutions at this November 3rd "Lunch With ENV/EOS Students." An environmental science and policy major, Erica's portfolio features work on issues ranging from green building and alternative energy use to environmentally preferred purchasing and water use, a critical topic in drought-prone southern California.

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Erica’s visit to the Nicholas School coincides with the publication of the latest issue of Dukenvironment magazine, which features a profile about Blyther and her work.


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