Two New Textbooks Tap Faculty Expertise on Marine Ecology and Wetlands

November 5, 2013

Tim Lucas, 919-613-8084,

DURHAM, N.C. – Two new textbooks, available this fall, highlight the expertise of Nicholas School of the Environment faculty members Brian R. Silliman and Curtis J. Richardson.

Silliman, a widely cited marine ecologist, is one of four editors of “Marine Community Ecology and Conservation,” which will be published this December by Sinauer Press.  

Richardson, one of the world’s top experts on wetlands, is one of four editors of “Methods in Biogeochemistry of Wetlands,” published this month by the Soil Science Society of America.

Both books can now be ordered or pre-ordered online.

Intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students and as a general reference for researchers, Silliman’s new book provides a comprehensive overview of what is known about the structure, organization and conservation of organism assemblages that live in oceans, and the impact humans have had on these communities.  It largely focuses on advancements made during the past decade.   In addition to editing the book, Silliman wrote two of its chapters.  

Silliman is Rachel Carson Associate Professor of Marine Conservation Biology at the Nicholas School.  He is stationed at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, N.C.

Richardson’s new book draws on the expertise of more than 100 experts to present detailed information on specialized analytical methods and sampling techniques for wetland studies.  Intended for graduate students and researchers alike, it includes descriptions and discussions of key methods for sampling, quantifying, and characterizing wetland soils, plant communities and processes, nutrients, greenhouse gas fluxes, redox-active elements, toxins, transport processes  and water budgets, among other topics.  

In addition to editing the text, Richardson wrote four chapters on topics ranging from plant sampling  to phosphorus analytical methods in wetlands soils.

Richardson is professor of resource ecology at the Nicholas School and director of the Duke University Wetland Center. 

You can learn more about Silliman’s book here.

You can learn more about Richardson’s new book here , or here.