Weekly Update: Good Luck on Finals, Dunn Authors Satellite Vessel Study, Harlem Lacrosse Visits and more …

May 3, 2018

A weekly roundup of Nicholas School news, awards and grants from Dean Jeff Vincent

dolphins student blog uncertainty as a way of life.png
Uncertainty as a Way of Life: "On our early morning trip to Rasa – a volcanic island that is home to 95% of the Royal and Elegant Tern populations – our boat fortuitously came across thousands of dolphins engaged in what appeared to be a feeding frenzy," recounts blogger Eliza Harrison from the Marine Lab's course trip to the Gulf of California. Check it out here.

Hi everyone,
There are just a few items this week. So, I’ll just take a moment to wish good luck to our students with their final exams, and to our faculty and staff as they work toward wrapping up the semester and the academic year.


  1. Daniel Dunn is lead author of a new study that examines how satellite vessel-tracking data could be used to monitor the movements of fishing boats in international waters and help stem the tide of illegal or under-regulated fishing there. Daniel and his co-authors, who include Pat Halpin and PhD student Guillermo Ortuño Crespo, argue persuasively that the technology could give governing bodies a more effective means to enforce a new global treaty, currently being negotiated by the UN, to protect marine biodiversity in waters beyond national jurisdiction. 
  2. This Friday, 24 middle-school girls from the Harlem Lacrosse leadership program will visit our school to meet with members of our community and learn about the environmental field. A high point of their visit will be a team exercise, led by Nic School undergrads Clara Bird and Annie Harshberger, in which the girls will construct a Rube Goldberg machine using marine debris found on North Carolina beaches. You can stop by Field Auditorium around 11 a.m. to cheer them on! This is the third year we’ve hosted the group. Please join me in making them feel welcome. 
  3. Kudos to our colleagues in the Nic School’s Office of Student Services, who earned their Duke Green Workplace Certification last month as part of the Green Devil X Challenge. The certification demonstrates that the office accomplished or made significant progress toward 58 different workplace-sustainability goals. Staffers Karen Kirchof, Tom Brooks, Julie Moushon and Laura Lipps led the charge. Student Services now becomes the 10th Nic School office to achieve certification or re-certification under the program.

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