Weekly Update: Outreach, Awards, Restaurant Waste and more....

November 22, 2017


Hi Everyone,
I had the honor last Friday of making closing remarks at the Nicholas School’s first-ever Diversity & Equity in Environmental Programs meeting. We hosted the gathering to facilitate the development of partnerships with diversity, equity and inclusion organizations in the Durham-Chapel Hill community, with a focus on environmental and STEM programs. Representatives from more than 30 local organizations attended.
I’d like to thank Nicki Cagle for coordinating and facilitating the meeting. Staff members Allison BeschNancy KellyLola MartinStephanie MartinekSarah PhillipsAnn Thurston and Danielle Wiggins also deserve credit for making it possible. I extend special thanks to Duke’s Vice Provost of Faculty Advancement, Abbas Benmamoun, who also offered closing remarks.
If you are interested in learning more about our outreach programs, please check out our brand-new website. Let us know if we’ve overlooked any programs you are involved in through the School or Duke.
On a related note, the previous day I attended the annual Society of American Foresters convention, where one of the themes was forestry in a more diverse society. I was delighted to meet several prospective students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in our Master of Forestry program, along with a bunch of our outstanding alums. My thanks to Glenda Lee and Laura Lipps for organizing our participation in the convention, and to the MF students who also attended for representing us so well.
Before I sign off and encourage you to read on for more school news, I want to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

  1. Andy Minnis, User Services Analyst with NSOE IT, completed Duke's IT Security Academy. This year long program is offered through the University's IT Security Office and is a series of courses designed to expand participants' knowledge of IT security fundamentals at Duke and how those Duke-specific tools and techniques can be applied in the participants work environment. Thanks for everything you do, Andy! 
  1. Congrats to secondary faculty member Ana Barros in our ESP Division for being named a Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The honor recognizes her service and contributions to hydrospheric science, in particular tropical mountain hydrometeorology, through transformative measurements and modeling of precipitation processes and land-atmosphere interactions. She will be honored at the AAAS Fellows Forum during the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. 
  1. A new campaign to reduce disposable container and utensil use on the Duke campus was recently launched by some of our students. The TOWODuke Campaign is part of the national TakeOutWithOut effort to reduce restaurant waste. You can check out their Facebook page to learn more. 
  1. And one last note from Duke University Stores in case you’re still looking for gift ideas for the holidays: Nic School T-shirts are back in stock.