Effective Date: September 2015
Updated: June 15, 2018


Administrative travel for business meetings and continuing education purposes.


NSOE strongly believes in the importance of professional development and opportunities for staff to learn in their jobs. It asks all managers and staff to balance this with the school’s need to manage its scarce financial resources. Managers should be thoughtful when granting staff travel for professional development, and ask what is necessary for current and future job responsibilities and what is prudent from the standpoints of cost and time out of office. Please consider webinars as an alternative to traveling to a meeting for training. Staff should rotate attendance in professional meetings. NSOE expects that it would be rare for more than one staff member to attend the same professional meeting that requires travel. When that seems necessary, NSOE asks supervisors to discuss the situation with the COO/Sr. Associate Dean for Administration & Finance before confirming the travel plans. When travel is necessary, NSOE expects staff to be frugal in their choices of airfare, accommodations and meals.

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