Effective Date: January 13, 2017
Updated: June 5, 2019


Duke has an enviable culture of interdisciplinary collaboration, and that spirit of cooperation and shared resources will drive communications about Nicholas School of the Environment gifts. In keeping with these values, we will at all times seek to be as inclusive as possible when announcing how gifts will support education and research within NSOE and across other Duke schools, institutes and programs. It is to everyone's benefit to do this, and this approach maximizes our opportunity to make a difference.

These guidelines pertain to all gifts (unrestricted, restricted, endowment, planned, honor/memorial and gifts in kind).

It's important to understand that donors often have very specific wishes for the announcement of their support – sometimes including complete anonymity. Sometimes donors simply want to help Duke and ask that their gift remain anonymous because their children are still at Duke, or they simply prefer to keep a low profile with their philanthropy. The Nicholas School does everything we can to honor such requests.

Guidelines for Announcing Gifts

Duke's formal policy and checklist for announcing gifts is available online. We encourage NSOE faculty and staff to read this policy. In all cases, the official announcement for a gift of support must be made by NSOE only after the gift is officially recorded by Central Duke Development. This is a very important point – please be very careful not to inadvertently make an announcement or share this information as it can damage our relationship with our supporters and other Duke units. Be aware as well that there is often a long period of time between the moment when a donor pledges a gift and when the gift is official and ready to publicize.

The Nicholas School Office of Development & Alumni Relations will direct and coordinate any official gift announcements from the Nicholas School. After an official announcement has been made, departments, centers and programs will be encouraged to spread the great news through their websites, newsletters, social media and other venues. Please take care, however, to be aware of and respect a donor's wishes for anonymity or minimal publicity. If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to contact Kevin McCarthy or the Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations.

Announcing Faculty Research Grants

Research grants to faculty members from government agencies or private foundations should be brought to the attention of the NSOE Marketing and Communications department to determine its eligibility for promotion.

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