Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Updated on 12/18/18

Overview / Summary

Time away from Duke is an essential benefit provided to Duke employees. In accordance with Duke’s Availability for Work Policy statement, each school should establish guidelines and procedures regarding attendance, tardiness, scheduled and unscheduled time off, and the requisite notification procedures for requesting these periods of leave. These procedures should be communicated and discussed regularly with all staff.


The Nicholas School of the Environment Policy abides by Duke University’s Availability for Work Policy.


Notification Procedures:

Scheduled Time off: Employees are expected to advise their supervisor with as much advance notice as possible when requesting scheduled time off. Supervisors should determine the manner they want to be advised and communicate to the employees. Supervisors should take into account the needs of the Department or project when determining whether to approve an employee’s request.

Unscheduled Time off: Employees are expected to call, email or text their supervisor in accordance with his/her instruction. If the supervisor is unavailable, employees should communicate with the supervisor’s designee.


Scheduled Time off: An absence for which the staff member has notified the supervisor in advance and has obtained approval to be away from or late to work.

Unscheduled Time off: Time away from work that is not approved in advance by a supervisor.

Tardy: Duke defines "tardiness" as a staff member’s absence from his or her workstation at the scheduled start time - such as at the beginning of the shift, when returning late from breaks, or early departures from work. Unless prior authorization has been received from the supervisor, tardiness also includes failure to report back to work or failure to remain at work during one’s scheduled working time for that day.

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