By the end of the drop/add registration period, all course changes must be completed in the DukeHub. This includes but is not limited to: inter-institutional registration, overload requests, enrollment in independent study credits, audit and pass/fail requests, enrollment in MP credits and cross-career registration requests (i.e., courses at Fuqua, Pratt and Law).

Withdrawal from a Course

After drop/add registration ends in the DukeHub, students wishing to discontinue their enrollment in a course may do so only by withdrawing from the course. The student must obtain the instructor’s signature on the Course Withdraw Form and submit it to the Student Services office for processing. The course will remain on the permanent record and there will be a W in the grade column.

Courses Beginning Mid-Semester

Courses that begin mid-semester are the exception to the above policy. If there is a course scheduled to begin mid-semester that you wish to add after drop/add ends, you may do so only by submitting the Course Add Registration Form. Completed add forms must be signed by the instructor and submitted to nsoe-registrar@duke.edu or dropped off in A108, LSRC.

If you wish to drop a course that is scheduled to begin mid-semester, you may only request a course drop before the course begins (i.e., prior to the first day of that class). For mid-semester drop requests, send an email to nsoe-registrar@duke.edu.



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