Duke University course numbers:

  • Courses in the 100-199 range are introductory level courses, and while professional/graduate students may take courses in this range, they cannot be counted towards their MEM and MF degree or to fulfill program requirements.
  • Courses in the 200-499 range are upper level undergraduate courses; courses in this range cannot be counted towards their MEM and MF degree requirements.
  • Courses in the 500-699 range are graduate/professional level classes but upper level undergraduates may enroll.
  • Courses at the 700 level and above are open only to graduate and professional students.
  • Courses in the 900 range are reserved for the Duke Environmental Leadership (DEL-MEM) program. Mode of instruction is online. Fall courses are open to DEL-MEMs only; on-campus students may have the option to take a few of the DEL-MEM courses in the spring.
  • Exception: Graduate/professional courses at the Duke Law School are sometimes numbered below the 500-level and can be counted towards the credits required for the MEM or MF degree.

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