Registration for courses at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), North Carolina State University (NCSU) and North Carolina Central University (NCCU) cannot be done through the DukeHub.

Course Numbering

Course numbering schemes at UNC and NCSU are similar to Duke’s but please pay careful attention to the course level to make sure it is at an appropriate graduate level. View Course Numbering Systems at UNC, NCSU and NCCU

Undergraduate Courses – Effective fall 2018, undergraduate (UG) courses will no longer count for credit toward Duke graduate/professional students’ degree requirements or GPA calculation, which means courses below the 500-level may not be applied toward the required credits needed for a post-baccalaureate degree. This change in university policy applies to all incoming and continuing graduate and professional students throughout Duke; this policy includes undergraduate courses taken through inter-institutional enrollment. View policy on undergraduate courses

Course schedules

View course schedules at the links below. 

Academic calendars

View academic calendars at the links below.
Please note that these calendars were last updated November 11, 2022. Changes made after this date may not be reflected. 

Registration / Enrollment Process

The following steps are required for inter-institutional registration: 

  1. Interinstitutional Approval Form required
  2. Student’s signature required
  3. Academic coursework advisor signature is not required
  4. Departmental approval required; see the NSOE Registrar in the Student Services

Once you submit an enrollment request form, please plan to go to class even if your registration has not been fully processed so that you do not fall behind on assignments.

Just because a course gets added by Duke does not guarantee the student space in the class. The student will receive notification directly from the visiting institution to confirm official enrollment in the course. If the student does not receive notification from the school, the student should check with the instructor at the visiting institution to make sure their name appears on the official class roster.


It is NOT possible to enroll in an online or distance learning course through the inter-institutional enrollment/registration process. Students wishing to enroll in an online or distance learning course in order to fulfill a prerequisite are encouraged to seek prior approval for the course. View policy on Distance Learning Courses to Fulfill Prerequisites >

Instructor Consent

Students must refer to the visiting institution’s website to determine whether or not a course requires instructor consent to enroll. If instructor consent is required, it must be obtained before the form is submitted and processed. Students may attach the instructor’s email giving permission to enroll or the instructor may provide an original signature. Not all courses will require instructor consent to enroll; in fact, most will not.

Dropping a course

Students wishing to drop a course at UNC, NCSU or NCCU course must first drop the course in the DukeHub then send an email to indicating the specific course you have dropped and when the course was dropped in the DukeHub so that the registrar can confirm with the other school. Duke’s drop/add deadlines apply to inter-institutional enrollment. 

Inter-Institutional Courses to Fulfill a Prerequisite

If you are taking a course to complete a prerequisite, then please view Course Options for Fulfilling a Prerequisite – Duke & Inter-Institutional. These are only available to currently enrolled degree-seeking students. Courses at Duke or through inter-institutional enrollment taken to fulfill a prerequisite do not count towards the credits required for the MEM or MF degrees.

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