Registration procedures for the different professional schools/departments at Duke vary by school or department. 

Courses at the Duke Law School and the Fuqua School of Business do NOT follow the university's academic calendar. Please pay special attention to this when signing up for courses at these two schools. You should plan to start classes EARLY (if necessary) and classes may continue AFTER your NSOE courses have concluded.

Sanford School of Public Policy

  1. DukeHub registration available; no permission form needed.
  2. In some courses, enrollment is restricted to MPP students only.

Duke Law School

  1. Complete 'Duke Grad/Prof Student Request to Enroll in Duke Law Course' form
  2. Get instructor consent (only if auditing)
  3. Submit completed form to NSOE Registrar

Some LAW School courses may be limited to only students enrolled in the Duke Law School.

Pratt School of Engineering

  1. Complete the 'Pratt Non-MEMP Graduate Student Course Registration Permission Form'
  2. Obtain instructor consent (signature or email). 
  3. Submit completed form to NSOE Registrar

All students must get the instructor permission. If this is in the form of an email, it must be attached to their email as a PDF – we will not accept forwarded emails.

Enrollment in any of the core Master's of Engineering Management courses (510, 520, 530, 540) is very unlikely as spaces are reserved for Pratt students to meet their requirements.

Fuqua School of Business

  1. Complete Fuqua's 'Duke Grad/Prof Student Course Registration Permission Form'
  2. Obtain instructor consent (signature or email)
  3. Submit completed form to NSOE Registrar

Fuqua Waitlist Process

  • Once you submit the permission form and instructor consent, the NSOE registrar will submit the student’s name and preference directly to Fuqua for review and approval.
  • Upon approval, the student will be placed on the waitlist.
  • Once Fuqua students have completed drop/add and if space is available, non-MBAs will automatically roll into the course. Submitting a form is no guarantee of being able to take the course, so be sure you have an alternative plan in case you do not get in. 

IMPORTANT! Either lacking sufficient credits or any sort of time conflict (even by one minute) will cause the system to skip the student and move to the next person on the waitlist, and the student will not be able to take the desired course. We cannot override the system, even if the overlap is only one minute, one day per week; please do not ask.

If you want to drop the course while you are on the waitlist, you must send an email to the as you will not be able to do this yourself in the DukeHub.


All Other Departments

Course registration in most other departments can be done directly in the DukeHub. See the instructor for additional information as needed.


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