Effective Date: Annually, provided that funds are available

Overview / Summary

The Student Enrichment Fund was established in 2014 as a donor-supported program that supports NSOE Professional (MEM/MF/DEL) students. It supports participation in value-added academic, career, or skill enhancement opportunities by reimbursing a portion of the costs to participate.


A student may only receive one enrichment award during their attendance at the Nicholas School. The fund does not support summer internships, conferences, school related field trips, place-based sessions, or travel courses. It has supported online courses, immersion professional skill training programs, and case competition participation. Awards typically range from $300-$800.

To apply for any Nicholas School student funding you must be in good academic standing and currently enrolled at time of enrichment activity.


Prior to submission, students must contact a Student Enrichment Fund administrator to discuss proposed activity.

  1. Review the criteria and application process (located in the CPDC's HandShake document library)
  2. Contact the Student Enrichment Fund Committee with your intent to apply (careers@nicholas.duke.edu)
  3. Application


Enrichment is defined as a value-added academic, career, or skill enhancement activity.

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