2017-2022 Strategic Plan

The creation of the Nicholas School in the 1990s was a bold statement about environmental education and research. Building on a foundation provided by the three Duke units—the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, the Department of Geology, and the Marine Lab—that came together to form our school, we have grown in size and complexity over the years.

As the skills and knowledge needed by environmental scientists, managers and policymakers have evolved, we have responded by moving in new educational directions and expanding into new and emerging research domains.

Our 2017-22 strategic plan, “Working Together to Advance Environmental Education and Research,” sets the course we will follow over the next five years to ensure that we continue to achieve our mission of creating knowledge and global leaders of consequence for a sustainable future.

This plan – which was guided by our school’s core values but informed by the realities of our changing world – presents the ideas our faculty and staff have formulated to build a stronger Nicholas School in six critical areas: diversity and inclusion; undergraduate programs; professional master’s programs; PhD programs; research; and faculty structure.

Jeffrey R. Vincent
Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment