Structure, function, and development of invertebrates collected from estuarine and marine habitats. In this course, we will explore biodiversity through explorations of marine invertebrate life. Emphasis will be placed on relationships between form and function, phylogeny, adaptations to the abiotic and biotic environment, animal ecology and experimental and modeling approaches to behavioral and ecological questions. Half of the day will be spent in the field and laboratories, while the other half will be spent in the field collecting, observing and studying organisms. Both ecological and evolutionary theory will unite the course. Not open to students who have taken Biology 777LA.

This course fulfills the diversity requirement for Duke Biology majors. This course fulfills the Organismal Structure/Function requirement for the Environmental Science majors (BS) and the marine science section for Environmental Science majors (AB).

SUMMER SCHEDULE: This course will be taught on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students in Marine Invertebrate Zoology will also be able to take Ocean Media & Literature.


Prerequisites: AP Biology, introductory biology, or permission of instructor.

Instructors: Brian Silliman (summer term I), Cindy Van Dover (fall 2018)