Additional Housing Information

Thank you for making Durham, North Carolina your home for the next few years. It is best to have housing arrangements finalized before the beginning of your Orientation Week activities. Moving to Durham at least a week before Orientation will help to ease your transitioning process as well as allow you to familiarize yourself with Durham, your new home. Please remember that the process to secure housing may prove to be one of the most time consuming aspects of your transition to the area. Begin your process early and take advantage of available resources in order to make the most of the experience. Again, students are urged to finalize living arrangements at least one week before Orientation begins.

Looking for a roommate?

Many of you will be in search of roommates and/or apartments for the fall. You may wish to contact each other for possible roommates and/or housing or even communicate with graduating students about furniture sales and other resources. You have automatically been subscribed to the housing listserv for these purposes; the listserv address is

There is limited on-campus housing available. Additional information is available at the Student Affairs webpages, click here to access the application and read further details.

Manage Subscription

You will need your Duke NetID and password to access the listserv subscription management options. Should you wish to unsubscribe from the housing listserv, please click here (NetID login required). Listserv concerns can be addressed at the following address, contact

Where You Live Matters (Local Transportation Options)

Where you live gives you options - to make your life easier

  1. Students from the same school/program should try to live in the same places.
  2. Students who live along bus routes coming to campus have the option of free bus service to Duke.

This is a housing map for Duke students for free bus service to campus, click here.

Every Duke student can ride Triangle Transit and DATA buses for free with a GoPass. When you choose not to live along a bus route coming to campus, you are locked to your vehicle to get everywhere.

Students that live together may have the option to carpool to campus. The hundreds of students that already carpool can tell you the program allows you better options on what lot you can park in and reduced permit fees.

Only about 1/3 of Duke students living off-campus buy individual parking permits. The majority of students are carpooling, biking, riding the bus, riding a scooteror walking.

Even if you want to drive by yourself every day to campus, living along a bus route that comes to Duke provides you with free service to campus in case you want to use it.

Where you live is going to provide you with options. So if you want to worry less about parking tickets or what you’ll do if you’re having car trouble, have options. Live with your classmates along bus routes coming to Duke.

Additional Assistance

We encourage all students to take advantage of the resources available at the Student Affairs Housing, Dining and Residential Life website, click here for more information. The Student Services office also has paper publications available, which includes local housing information. If you would like to receive these publications, please email with your name and current mailing address. In addition, utilize the various Internet websites and resources to assist during your search.