Nicholas School Scholarships, Fellowships & Assistantships


The Nicholas School awards scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships to MEM and MF students on the basis of demonstrated outstanding academic ability and a high degree of professional promise.

Decisions regarding these awards are made on the basis of the completed application; no additional application is required. Some students, as part of their merit-based aid, will be offered an assistantship, which includes a work component. The student works 8 hours per week during their first year of enrollment. In their second year, if the student is in good academic standing and has met the obligations of the assistantship, the funds are applied directly to the student's bursar account as a scholarship. Information on the assistantship process will be conveyed during the summer. 

Funding for these awards is limited. Not all incoming students will receive financial assistance, and many of those who do will still need other financial resources to meet their tuition obligations and living expenses. Financial assistance is typically offered for a period of two years; students are expected to complete their degree within this period of time.

Applicants who are offered financial support typically are notified at the time of admission and generally must accept or decline the offer by April 22. Once accepted, the award is binding for both the student and the school.

The Nicholas School reserves the right to discontinue financial support depending on a student’s academic standing and progress in the program. No student will receive financial aid while on probation unless an appeal is approved by the Admissions and Awards Committee. In no case may the amount of financial aid awarded to a student from all sources in a given year exceed the estimated annual costs of attending the Nicholas School.