Mailboxes & Lockers

A mailbox will be provided for each student in the Student Commons area in the basement level of Environment Hall. This mailbox is designed to inform you about Nicholas School updates, programming, and events. Students should plan to use their residential address to receive personal postal mail.  However, if you will need an on-campus mailbox for postal mail, there is a U.S. Post Office located in the Bryan Center, West Campus. Additional general information about on-campus mail is available here.

Nicholas School students may request a locker to store their books and other small personal possessions until they graduate from the program. Lockers are also located in the basement of Environment Hall. Please do not place valuable items in your locker such as laptops, video equipment, cell phones etc. The school is not responsible for any stolen or lost items stored in your locker or will not be responsible for any vandalism or damage done to your locker. There is no charge to reserve a NSOE locker.

While your locker is provided as a courtesy, failure to return your locker key upon graduation can result in the holding of your diploma or additional fees.

Questions or concerns should be directed to:

Anne Davis, Administrative Services Mgr., Dean’s Office
LSRC A140 (Hug Commons), Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708

To request a student locker, please complete and submit the information below. Locker keys will be distributed during orientation.