Business and Sustainability


  • Classes focus on improving sustainability in the business world.
  • Faculty research environmental innovation, life cycle analysis, and energy resources.
  • Students work on sustainability issues from small farms to larger business practices.

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Business & Sustainability Blogs

A Tropical Feast
Anne Martin
Nov 18, 2015
Highlights from South Africa: The Coastal Cape
Suzanne Ou
Nov 13, 2015

Post-Graduation Careers

Alumni with a focus in Business and Sustainability work as Sustainability Officers and Directors throughout government and the private sector.

Giving Highlight

Business and Sustainability

We need visionary thinkers and creative new approaches to the many environmental challenges facing our planet. Our groundbreaking Environmental Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program gives students the skills, experience and guidance to launch their own ventures and make the world a better place.

Research Spotlight

Solar Panels

The Duke Energy Initiative

Duke’s University-wide Energy Initiative is exploring creative solutions to the problems of economic competitiveness, environmental quality, and security, bringing these solutions into practice, and preparing tomorrow's leaders.