Rave Reviews from Internship Supervisors

We've had no time for picture taking...we've been having too much fun!!!! Vanessa is one of the most talented people with whom I've worked. She has, with grace and style, done an outstanding job on all of her projects. We will miss her at the end of the summer. A picture of Vanessa is attached, though it's not very good. She's fourth from the left. This was on an old growth hike that we (staff and interns) took to Caldwell Creek in the Smokies. It's one of the many benefits students have when they work at our office. We'll be taking some more photos over the next couple of days if you can wait until then. Talk to you soon. Tracy
Tracy Davids, Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project

Walt seems to be making good progress on his project (investigating NC's tax codes and inconsistencies between counties in application of the NC Conservation Tax Credit for easements) as well as present use tax valuation of property. I think he's discovering that many people go on vacation in the summer and are very hard to reach! But despite that, he isn't getting discouraged.

Thanks again for stopping by and for keeping students informed about the work we do.
Rusty Painter, Conservation Trust of North Carolina

We had a great experience working with Beth Lentz this summer. She spent a good portion of her time traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway and collecting data that will be utilized not only by NPCA, but also by National Park Service staff. Beth was certainly a self-starter, and we are very pleased with what she accomplished. We appreciate being a part of the Stanback internship program, and we'll look forward to next year's career fair. Thanks!
Kim Campbell, NPCA

Dalton is great! He really has learned so much about fisheries management and populations, and I think he's now excited about working in coastal environmental stuff, as a result of his summer (combination of surfing and work he's done here, I"m sure!) He's produced a great first draft of the report we need, and we'll continue to work with him to complete it after he goes back. This is his last week. How can he work this into a graduation with distinction, since he'll have such a substantial written piece as a final product? Do I play a role in that?
Melissa Ladd, South Carolina Coastal Conservation League

Just now the state legislature is still in full swing and has been considering several very important environmental issues. Nathan has done a great job working with me on some of these, including management of our volunteer network. Jennifer has also done a great job this summer. She has provided a thorough analysis of the huge Farm Bill that has recently passed Congress, including how its conservation programs will be implemented in the state, key contacts, etc. Her work is giving us a major jump start in developing proposals to secure funding for NC conservation projects. In fact, we are hosting a seminar later this month for several conservation groups in the state to build further on our knowledge.
Angie McMillan, The Nature Conservancy

Andy Hecht is the best of the best--we've had a wonderful time with him this summer and his accomplishments are brilliant. Andy’s work with us this summer involved researching reported violations from NPDES permitted facilities across the state, developing database scripts for streamlining searches, and prioritizing chronic polluters. We are developing and documenting an approach for prioritizing major polluters and exporting this model to Riverkeeper and other activist "environmental accountability" organizations.

Andy also wrote an excellent report, entitled “Polluter Prospecting,” followed by presentations to other environmental organizations. He presented at our Annual Meeting and also to our Board of Directors. At each stage of the project, his creativity, focused initiative, and flexibility enabled Andy to accomplish an even greater amount of work than we had expected in our originally rather ambitious plans!

Andy’s quantitative and critical thinking skills are matchless in my experience, and he is also an excellent writer and presenter on technical subjects for readers at all levels of knowledge.
We have already issued one informal report based on our research on water quality enforcement, and expect to have another one in the fall.

We may not let Andy ever go back to law school (except that we want to hire him as an attorney a little down the road...)
Hope Taylor-Guevara, Clean Water for North Carolina