Climate Change Policy Partnership

The Climate Change Policy Partnership (CCPP) was established at Duke University in October 2005 through a $2.5 million, 4-year gift from Duke Energy. The CCPP is intended to leverage the resources of Duke University to determine practical strategies to respond to the pressing challenges of global climate change. The project's focus is to develop both an optimal national GHG cap and trade system and a CO2 tax system to provide alternatives to policymakers. We are also analyzing the impact of national carbon policy on North Carolina and other states, including evaluating all CO2 mitigation and sequestration options and economic implications.

The Center on Global Change is one of three primary participants in the CCPP from Duke University, along with the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences. Duke Energy is the founding corporate funding partner in the CCPP. In addition to project staff, at least a dozen graduate student researchers will assist on the project each year.

The initial outline of the project includes two phases. Phase I is a one-year scoping/start-up phase (Fall '05-'06) in which baseline information on the science and policy of climate change is gathered, research is initiated and additional participants are recruited. A scoping document for Phase II of the project will be prepared in fall 2006. Phase II (Fall '06 and beyond) will consist of the bulk of the research and dissemination of results.

For more information, visit the CCPP website: