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Time: MF 10:40-11:50am
Location: Center on Global Change

This course is being offered as part of the Spring 2003 working group focus on Ocean Climate Modeling. The course will begin with a set of lectures offered by the members of the working group. Each student will select a modeling and/or analysis project under the tutelage of a working group member. As the semester progresses, the emphasis of the course will shift from lectures to student projects. Each student will be responsible for a project presentation at the end of the semester.

The primary focus of the class will be on understanding the physical and biological response of the ocean to climate change on decadal and centennial scales. Of particular concern is the biological-physical coupling on ocean climate time scales. The modeling of the physics and the biology of the ocean will be explored, as well as the analysis of satellite and hydrographic data and visualization techniques. The course will be offered by:

• Dr. Richard Barber, biological oceanographer, Nicholas School, Coastal System Science and Policy
• Dr. Yi Chao, physical oceanographer, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• Dr. Gabi Hegerl, statistical climatologist, Nicholas School, Earth and Ocean Sciences
• Dr. Susan Lozier, physical oceanographer, Nicholas School, Earth and Ocean Sciences
• Dr. Mark Reed, computational scientist, North Carolina Supercomputing Center

Queries should be addressed to Susan Lozier at 681-8199 or

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