Marketing & Communications

Our staff is responsible for promoting Nicholas School people, programs and events to internal and external audiences.  We work closely with the school and university administration, and with other key offices (i.e, Development and Alumni Relations, Information Technology, Career and Professional Development, Student Services, Duke News & Communication) to establish annual marketing and communication priorities, and implement projects that support major schoolwide or universitywide goals and initiatives. 

We offer or coordinate a wide range of communication services, including:

How & When to Contact Us

Click here to find a list of Marketing and Communication staff members. Feel free to contact us whenever you have questions.  Many of the resources you may be looking for (letterhead, logos, etc) can be found on the Faculty, Staff and Student Resources website >.

Keep in mind that due to workloads and external deadlines set by printers, publishers, caterers, and other vendors, we often have to work weeks, even months, in advance.  We will always do our best to accommodate any urgent, last-minute requests you may have, but in general, we ask that you notify us as soon as you know you will need our services so we can get it on our calendar and produce the quality of work you deserve, on time and on budget.  For major projects, such as a special event, a website creation or print material design and production, we typically need a minimum of two months’ advance notice.  For smaller or less complicated projects, such as a news release, web story or business card order, a week or two’s notice is usually sufficient.  When in doubt, contact us and ask.