Nicholas School Course Proposal

Note: The relevant DUS, DGS or Director of Professional Studies, and then the Division Chair must be informed of proposals for new courses prior to submission to the Education Committee.

For scheduling space/time, it is necessary to have a whole semester between new course approval and offering. The second round of course scheduling is a month into the preceding semester. That is when room assignments are made; it is possible to add courses later but not to guarantee a room or enrollments. There is more leeway with grad-only courses, and even more with DEL-only courses, but courses that allow undergrads are more strictly regulated and must be approved by the University Curriculum Committee, which may add two months to the process.

The Education Committee meets once a month and discusses course proposals only during these meetings. Thus, a course proposal that is not ready for discussion during the first meeting of a given semester may end up as a late addition to next semester course offering, which likely would affect when and where the course is scheduled.

For course proposals to be ready for discussion, proposers need to complete four steps: (1) Any faculty member proposing a new course or a change in course credits, or a faculty member sponsoring such activities is required to first obtain approval from a person overseeing at least one academic unit (Professional Program Chair, DUS, DGS). (2) Following, the proposer/sponsor is required to obtain approval from a Division Chair. Only then will courses be brought for input from the Education Committee. Either the proposer or the chair would need to be at the meeting to present the course and answer questions. (3) Complete and submit the online course submission form below. (4) Provide a complete syllabus— down to assignments, and how much each is worth, etc. Think of a syllabus you make available to students registering/registered to the course. Indicate below the academic unit director and Division Chair who have reviewed and approved your course proposal.