DEVIL: Duke Environmental Stable Isotope Laboratory

Nicholas School of the Environment, Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences



Rates for Sample Analyses for DUKE Clients (effective 10/12/2016)

Switch to rates for external (not affiliated with Duke University) clients

Notes: We accept POs, checks made out to the lab, and wire transfers. The invoice you will receive will have all necessary information for routing of funds for payment. Contact Jon Karr ( for details or invoices. The DEVIL lab no longer accepts isotopically enriched or labeled samples. Natural abundance samples only.



13C + 15N organic solids
(includes %C, %N)

$8 pre-weighed capsule*
13C organic solids (includes %C) $6 pre-weighed capsule*
15N organic solids or salts (includes %N)

$6 pre-weighed capsule*
add $4/sample for wood

13C + 18O-CO2 gas or 15N-N2 gas $13 in Exetainer (atmospheric pressure)
(ambient air or approximate concentration known)
$20 in vacuum sampler
18O-O2 gas $15 in Exetainer
$22 in vacuum sampler
13C + 18O carbonates or DIC of waters
(by digestion, low-sulfur)
$21 prepared**
$25 unprepared
total 18O + 2H organic solids (TC/EA) $17 pre-weighed capsule
total 18O or 2H organic solids (TC/EA) $15 pre-weighed capsule
18O of nitrate (prepared solids only; TC/EA) $18 for pre-weighed capsule
18O-PO4 (silver phosphate, TC/EA)
pre-roasted only
$19 pre-weighed capsule
18O-H2O (CO2 equil) $13
18O + 2H-H2O (TC/EA) $17***
18O or 2H-H2O (TC/EA) $13***
13C + 18O-CO2 gas $10 cryogenically purified samples
$25 not purified
15N-N2 gas,2H-H2 gas $10 (cryogenically purified samples only)
18O-O2 gas $13 (cryogenically purified samples only)
methane (concentration and 13C) $25 gas in septum bottle, steel canister, or Tedlar bag (minimum volume 100 mL)
$100 dissolved methane in septum bottles (minimum liquid volume 1 L)
%C + %N
untreated plant or soil samples
$5 pre-weighed capsule
%C + %N
samples on glass fiber filters
$6 pre-weighed capsule
%C + %N
acid-treated soil samples
$6 pre-weighed capsule

Additional services

  • If solid samples are not pre-weighed, add $10 per sample for weighing and encapsulation.
  • Small gas samples requiring microvolume techniques will add $5 per sample.
  • Freeze-drying of liquid samples to a solid can be done for $10 per sample.
  • Extraction (cryogenic distillation) of plant/soil water $15 per sample.

Purified gases for dual inlet must be in 6mm or 9mm, 8" long breakseals, or in vacuum flasks, with no H2O. Samples found to be impure must be discarded.

Acid-treated samples must be thoroughly rinsed in deionized water and dried at ~60 degrees C. For acid-fumed samples where rinsing is not desired, the sample must be double-encapsulated in silver capsules. The second wrapping should be applied immediately before shipping. Isotopic analysis of acid-treated samples incurs an extra $5 per sample charge. Acid fuming can also be performed here. Any acid fuming done here before analysis is an additional $5 per sample plus $10 weighing/encapsulating per sample for unweighed samples.

All samples must be thoroughly homogenized, and milled or mortared to a fine grain size. Ammonia diffusion trap samples must be on paper filters using minimal acid.

Prepay accounts are not affected by price increases until 3 months after the account starts.

* %C and %N must be at least roughly known to weigh correct sample sizes. We prefer to have at least 3 ┬Ámol of N and less than 200 ┬Ámol of C. All sample size requirements and qualities should be discussed with the technical director. See preparation guidelines page for instructions on preparing sample capsules. Leaking sample capsules must be returned. Charges may apply for correcting improperly prepared samples. Add $10 per sample for weighing and encapsulation if samples are not pre-weighed.

** Consult with lab director for preparation guidelines.

*** Consult with lab director regarding suitability of water samples. Samples should be provided in 12x32 mm septum vials with no air space. Add $2.50 per sample if supplied in other containers. In addition, there is a $2.50 extra charge if filtration is required (visible particulates). See preparation guidelines page for further instructions.