Diversity Slideshow

  • 2015 Pride Parade
    A contingent of 10 Nicholas School students carried the school’s banner in this year’s Pride Parade.

    A contingent of 10 Nicholas School students carried the school’s banner in the NC Pride Parade.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Alexa Sutton

    Alexandra Sutton, Ecology PhD student, sits down with two wives of an mzee (elder) to discuss the experiences of rural African pastoralists with predators (lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas) and determine the impact of conservation interventions.

  • Carol-Finney-3.jpg

    Author and educator Dr. Carolyn Finney addressed a crowd of students, faculty, and professionals for a discussion of her book “Black Faces, White Spaces,” which explores the role of African Americans in the environmental movement.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Jake Rudulph & Justine Chow

    MEM alums Justine Chow ’12 and Jake Rudulph ‘12 develop a tracker to determine if fracking is contributing to groundwater contamination, allowing communities to hold companies accountable.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Mike Younis

    Martín Ramirez, an MEM ’15 candidate, learns how to depulp coffee from a Colombian farmer and member of the Organica Cooperative.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Miranda Chien-Hale

    Miranda Chien-Hale, MEM ’15, takes samples from a creek to determine toxicity by monitoring the water’s impact on early life stage development of medaka fish larvae.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Natalia Ocampo-Penuela

    Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela, a PhD student from Colombia, bands a Black-billed Mountain Toucan as part of an effort to improve their conservation in the Colombian Andes.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Rising Tide

    A group meets for Rising TIDE (Training for Inclusion and Diversity in the Environment), an extracurricular professional development program designed to provide students with an introduction to inclusion and diversity and its importance in environmental stewardship.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Sergio Castillo

    Sergio Castillo, DEL-MEM ‘13, is the President and CEO of ECO BCG Corporation, a multinational company aimed to provide environmental cutting-edge advisory services to governments and private industry around the world with state-of-the art, innovative solutions in energy, waste, water, transportation and agriculture.

  • Diversity Slideshow -  Stephanie Panlasigui

    Stephanie Panlasigul, MEM ’15, visits the “swirling, silent kelp forests of the sea” off the California coast.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Tawnee Milko

    Students enjoy the Nicholas School Field Day, a Saturday afternoon filled with BBQ, lumberjack games, music, and fun.

  • Diversity Slideshow - Trisha Gopalakrishna

    MEM ‘16 candidate Trisha Gopalakrishna joins the #IAmaNaturalist social media campaign, stating, “Because I know that all the nature I discover is everything and more than I need.”

  • Diversity Slideshow - We are Duke

    Dr. Deborah Gallagher and PhD candidate Danielle Purifoy walk with a group of students in the Spring 2015 Duke Immerse student-exchange program on urban environmental justice and social entrepreneurship, a semester-long joint class with Paul Quinn College, a historically black school in Dallas, TX.

  • Diversity Slideshow -  Xavier Basurto

    Xavier Basurto, Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science, stands with his friend Tacho, a fisher, botanist, and guide in the small settlement of Palma Sola on San José Island, Gulf of California, Mexico.

  • Xinxing Zhang

    Xinxing Zhang, MEM’15, Energy and Environment
    "During the Community-Based Environmental Management course's field trip this year, I visited Oaxaca City in Mexico and fell in love with this lovely city with culture I never experienced before. Even though I don't know much about Spanish, I tried to communicate with local people in various ways. In this photo, I was asking the price of the good sold by local merchant with the calculator in my cell photo."