Emergency Management Information

The Durham campus of the Nicholas School has recently convened an Emergency Management Team to develop an emergency management plan.  The Marine Lab has an independent Emergency Management Team and emergency management plan that serves the Beaufort campus.  The two teams will work together to ensure consistency and coverage for both locations. 

The Emergency Management Teams will work closely with Duke University Police Department and the Nicholas community to develop response plans, education opportunities, security reviews and building safety assessments.  

Our goal is to make sure the Nicholas community continues to be a safe and welcoming environment by maintaining awareness, safety practices and the knowledge of how to respond.  As we continue to work through the development of this plan, we want to inform you of some measures you can currently take as well as pass along some other helpful information. 

Items you should do today for emergency support and communications in Durham: 

 Links to Duke emergency and security information: 

 Contact the Nicholas Emergency Management team at emergencymanagement@nicholas.duke.edu

 Team members: 

  • Melissa Chernick, Research Technician II
  • Anne Davis, Administrative Services Manager 
  • Jeanne Ryan, HR Manager 
  • Laura Lipps, Student Services Staff Specialist 
  • Sergio Tovar, Social Media Specialist
  • Nancy Kelly, Director of Conferences & Special Events 
  • Kevin Smith, Assistant Dean of IT and Facilities 
  • Charlotte Nunez-Wolff, COO/Sr. Associate Dean for Admin and Finance