Energy & Climate


  • Classes focus on the relationship between energy and climate.
  • Faculty research energy sources and production and their effect on global climate.
  • Students study innovations in energy efficiency and reductions in pollution.

People in the Spotlight

Energy & Climate Blogs

An opinion: the City of Light
Bill Schlesinger
Nov 24, 2015
Riding contrails to our future
Bill Schlesinger
Nov 16, 2015

Post-Graduation Careers

Alumni with a focus in Energy & Climate work throughout government and the private sector.

Giving Highlight

Energy and Climate

With energy policy high on the national agenda, preparing the next generation of leaders to address this alignment of environment and energy is critical for our nation and our world. Learn about our groundbreaking Energy & Environment Program and how you can make a difference.

Research Spotlight

Solar Panels

The Duke Energy Initiative

Duke’s University-wide Energy Initiative is exploring creative solutions to the problems of economic competitiveness, environmental quality, and security, bringing these solutions into practice, and preparing tomorrow's leaders.