Building a more sustainable future means saying ‘no’ to the status quo. For human society and our environment to thrive, the world needs fundamentally new approaches to energy, resource management and conservation.

Getting there will not be easy. The threats faced by current and future generations are monumental. Climate change is altering our environment and disrupting crucial food and water systems. Pollutants have found their way into every corner of the Earth. And natural resources are straining under ever-increasing demands from our growing populations.

To stop destructive processes and create sustainable solutions, we need knowledge, vision and leadership.

We need to be bold. And we need your help. 

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Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

At the Nicholas School, we don’t just prepare our students to get jobs—we prepare them to change the world. Our unique, immersive curriculum gives students the hands-on experience they need to think on their feet and turn vision into reality, whatever their field. 

Research to Solve Problems

From conducting basic studies on environmental processes to inventing new tools and technologies, Nicholas School faculty are devoted to addressing the most pressing environmental problems of today—and tomorrow.

Making Every Dollar Count

We take seriously our responsibility to make the most of the contributions that sustain our programs. Through close partnerships among our internal leadership, staff, faculty and funders, we strategically manage our investments to balance short-term needs with long-term vision.

Whether you’re an alumindividual donor, corporation or foundation, we’ll help you find the giving strategy that matches your passions and goals. We also hope you’ll take advantage of the many ways to engage with the Nicholas School, from attending events to interacting with current students to connecting with alumni.

Forging Future Leaders Together

The Nicholas School Financial Aid Initiative is a $25 million fundraising effort to increase the total amount of private tuition support awarded to Nicholas students. Building a more robust pool of financial aid resources will enable the Nicholas School to close the gap between the cost of the school’s degree programs and students’ own financial resources.

Want the biggest CHANGE for your buck? Let’s talk strategy.

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