Flat Grok Video Contest

Take the Flat Grok on your sustainable adventure.

We are on an unsustainable course. While world populations and consumption grow, resources diminish and global warming threatens our way of life.  In his blog The Green GrokDr. Bill Chameides, dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, elucidates causes of and potential remedies for environmental change and identifies pathways towards a more sustainable future. And he wants to know what YOU are doing to create a sustainable future.

Dr. Bill can’t be in all places, so he wants you to videotape his representative, The Flat Grok, on the scene of your sustainable adventure.  Are you conserving water? Buying or growing local produce?  Changing out all of your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents? Biking to work?

1. Put The Flat Grok on the scene (you can place The Flat Grok image on your cell phone or computer, print The Flat Grok on recycled paper or organic cloth, or include him in the scene in a creative way of your choosing)

2. Create a video of no more than 30 seconds that shows what you are doing to create a sustainable future. Shoot it with your video camera, your digital camera, your cell phone.

3. Upload your video to YouTube and enter it in our contest.

4. Extra points are given for creativity.

Flat Grok Video Contest Winners

Questions??? Contact flatgrok@nicholas.duke.edu