'Gotcha!' - Living Green Video Contest

Some people make a BIG difference* in improving the environment we live in, some people make a SMALL difference, but every effort to green our world can make a difference in creating a healthier, happier planet for us all.

 Here at Duke’s School of the Environment, the Nicholas School, we’ve had students make a difference by creating Walking Fish, a communities supported fisheries project, and a staff member make a difference by starting “Meatless Mondays” potlucks. What are you doing?  What is your family doing or your neighbor?  Catch them in the act, film them and put the Gotcha Living Green Sticker on them or in the scene.  Make your film creative and fun, and you could win $500!  FUN and AMUSING are the operative words!

  1. Catch someone in the act of doing something green (or two things or three things) and create a video of no more than 30 seconds.  Shoot it with your video camera, your digital camera, your cell phone.
  2. Be sure to put the Gotcha Living Green sticker in the film: on the person, on the project, on your dog,
    You can capture the image of the Gotcha Living Green sticker on your cell phone or computer, print the Gotcha Living Green sticker on recycled paper or organic cloth, or include it in the scene in a creative way of your choosing.
  3. Upload your video to YouTube and fill out the submission form on our contest site to enter the contest.
  4. The judges like to laugh and enjoy themselves. Being creative and fun gives you a better shot at winning.

* A special thank you to Rachel Carson, whose publication Silent Spring is 50 years old this year.  She made a difference and changed our world.

Round 2 Winning Videos

Round 1 Winning Videos

Questions??? Contact gotchavideocontest@nicholas.duke.edu