Green in 3 Video Contest

There’s a lot about the environment that can be fixed.

There’s the big one, of course, global warming, which will take a global solution. But there are also other pressing issues – such as addressing water and air pollution, ensuring populations have access to clean water, cleaning up our oceans, protecting biodiversity, safeguarding endangered species...

Now, let’s say you had the power of the adman – and could broadcast your message to the masses.

Using just three written words, create a 30-second (or less) video telling us how you would make the environment better. Please do not include audio in your submission. All audio will be removed from winning videos.

Nothing is off the table: silly or serious, sizeable or small. Write your 3 words with cereal, scribble them on cards, draw them in the sky. Shoot them with your camera, cell phone, or web cam, and go here for instructions on uploading it.

Round 3 Winners

Round 2 Winners

Round 1 Winners

Honorable Mention Videos - Round 3

Honorable Mention Videos - Round 1

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