Green in 3 Video Contest - 2014

Thank you for all the video submissions, video contest is closed.

As the sustainable lifestyle gains momentum many sustainable practices have become more common. However people still skimp on simple practices like composting, recycling, or gardening.

Winning Videos

Your mission
Using three words, make a short video to creatively inspire others to live sustainably.

The video should convince us that we should adopt this new lifestyle change by letting us know how easy it is, how fun it can be or what benefits can come from it. Why is composting the most exciting part of the day? Why is raising chickens easier than we all thought it was?

  • Pick three inspirational words

  • Using your video camera, digital camera, or cell phone, make an influential video (no more than 30 seconds)

  • Submit your work by (1) uploading your video to YouTube and (2) filling out the contest submission form

See the official rules for more details.

HINT: The judges like to laugh and enjoy themselves. Being creative and fun gives you a better shot at winning.

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