Green Living Ecommercials Video Contest

As the sustainable lifestyle gains momentum many sustainable practices have become more common. However many people still avoid simple practices like composting, recycling, or gardening. Your job, in 30 seconds, is to creatively advertise one thing you do to live sustainably. Convince us that we should adopt this new lifestyle change by letting us know how easy it is, how fun it can be or what benefits can come from it. Why is composting the most exciting part of the day? Why is raising chickens easier than we all thought it was?

  • Come up with a creative advertisement for green living.
  • Create a video of no more than 30 seconds that convinces everyone they should be living green. Shoot it with your video camera, your digital camera, your cell phone.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and enter it into our contest by filling out the submission form.
  • The judges like to laugh and enjoy themselves. Being creative and fun gives you a better shot at winning.

Round 2 Winning Videos

Round 1 Winning Videos

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