Nicholas School IT purchases and manages the ArcGIS license for Duke University and the Duke Health System. The concurrent license is served by the Nicholas School and is accessible from anywhere with Internet access. For those without Internet access, a single-user license can be requested in most cases.

ArcGIS software is made available through Duke OIT Site License. ArcGIS is a Windows-only program, but will run on macOS on a Windows partition. Depending on the physical resources of your Mac - how much installed RAM, available disk space, processor speed, etc. - your best option may be to run ArcGIS and Windows on a Duke OIT-provided virtual machine, rather than a partition. When installing ArcGIS, simply follow the prompts.

ArcGIS licensing

Setting up the concurrent license

After installing, from Start > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator > Desktop, enter the server info in the field on the right, choosing Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use license type.

Requesting a single-use license

Although the concurrent license is available from anywhere with an Internet connection, from some locations it may not work as well as needed. From overseas it may run better from a wired connection than from wireless, and from some countries it may not run well at all. You can request and install a single-use license which runs locally from your computer. You need Internet access to receive and install the license, but ArcGIS will run without Internet access once successfully installed. You can request a single-use license by opening a ticket with NSOEIT at The license will be sent to your email address directly from ESRI, the publisher of ArcGIS.

All ArcGIS licensing expires annually on December 31.

ArcGIS Support

Nicholas School IT offers support for the installation and licensing of ArcGIS. Duke's Data & Visualization librarians can offer support for your projects and maps: If you are enrolled in a Nicholas School GIS/Geospatial course, consult your instructor.

ArcGIS is installed in all Nicholas School computer labs, in OIT physical and virtual labs, and in the Brandaleone Family Center for Data and Visualization Services in 226 Perkins Library.

Nicholas School IT can also open a support ticket with ESRI You can request that here.

If you would like to subscribe to the ArcGIS announce-only mailing list, you may do so from here: