Computer Labs

The Nicholas School maintains three computer labs in Durham - A153 LSRC, GH1104 and GH2107, and one at the Marine Lab in Beaufort in 122 Bookhout.  OIT maintains a public cluster in the Marine Lab Library stacks.

In Durham, the lab in GH1104 has 30 seats and is used primarily for GIS classes. Also available are an instructor's computer console wired to a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and built-in videoconferencing. The 32-seat lab in GH2107  is available for quiet study. There are breakout rooms off of the lab in GH2107 which can be reserved from Exchange. The 30 seat lab in A153 LSRC is available for collaborative study.

In Beaufort, the Marine Laboratory houses a Duke University public access cluster, with eight dual boot iMacs, each with scientific, productivity, statistical, and GIS software available. The graduate student computer facility has fifteen workstations.

Additionally, the University maintains a variety of computing facilities available to Nicholas School students. See the Duke OIT website for more information.

Lab etiquette

When in the labs, be respectful of others' need for quiet and keep conversations to a minimum. GH2107 has traditionally been regarded as a quiet workspace. In the GH1104 and A153 LSRC, conversation and discussion are more the norm.

  • To begin your work, choose a workstation that is currently not in use. If there are plenty of available computers, the preferred etiquette is not to disrupt someone's work, but to move on to another machine.

  • When finished, remember to log off to protect your data.

  • If you must leave a lab computer running a lengthy process, put a note on the computer stating your name and contact info for where you can be reached at that time, and when you expect to return. The ICL is used for class instruction and long jobs should not be run here - use the ACL instead, bearing in mind that:

  • If the only available computer is one reserved for long jobs, make a reasonable effort to get in touch with the person whose name appears on the note. If during work hours, contact Nicholas IT. As a last resort, restart the computer.

Nicholas IT cannot guarantee that an unattended computer will remain dedicated to your use until your program runs to completion. Nicholas School computer labs are shared public clusters for Nicholas students, and priority is given to those who are physically present and using a computer. Students should avoid tying up computers for lengthy processes during peak usage times.

Nicholas IT prefers not to set strict policies for the labs, but to encourage usage that best serves the school's entire student population. Please adhere to this etiquette whenever possible to avoid unnecessary loss of data and time and concomitant frustrations.

No pets are allowed in Grainger Hall or the LSRC, and the labs are no exception. This is for the safety of the animals and in consideration, for example, of those with allergies.

Reporting problems

Submit a help request. Be sure to indicate which machine you are using - the number is labeled on the case.