Electronic Blue Book

Electronic Bluebook (EBB) is a computer-based testing system that allows students an easy and secure way for typing exam answers. EBB is similar to other word processing software, such as Microsoft Word.  It includes features such as spell check, cut and paste (no copy feature), undo and redo, and provides automatic backups of the exam file.  For security, exam files are encrypted and automatically saved to a Nicholas School server. EBB is available only for Windows and Apple computers only. It is not compatible with Linux operating systems and can not be run on Virtual Machines, tablets, or remote desktop connections.

Electronic Blue Book Instructions

Electronic Bluebook_logo-1-square.jpg

For more information on EBB, including installation instructions, use instructions, features and troubleshooting tips, you can view and print the full document by clicking on the link below.
   > Click here to view the Instructions
   > To print, click here to view PDF version

Faculty members wanting to setup an EBB exam, please complete this survey.