ePrint is a print management system made available across campus by Duke OIT.

The Nicholas School uses the same b/w ePrint queue as OIT, but offers a color printing quota to our printers in the LSRC, Grainger Hall and Old Chem, and at the Marine Lab. Download and install the NSOE ePrint client for access to NSOE ePrint printers from your personal computer. You will need your DukeCard to release print jobs at the ePrint station. Note that on campus in Durham, you can release monochrome print jobs from any ePrint station, but color jobs are submitted to the Nicholas queue only in Old Chem, the LSRC and Grainger Hall.

You can download the Nicholas ePrint client (Windows) here >
You can download the Nicholas ePrint client (Mac) here >

In the LSRC there are b/w and color ePrint printers available on the second floor landing and in Hug Commons. An additional b/w ePrint printer is located outside of A312. In Old Chem ePrint printers are available in the first floor mailroom - b/w and color - and a b/w printer in the third floor student lounge. 

In Grainger Hall, b/w and color ePrint printers are located at the western end of the first floor corridor and on the 4th floor landing. There is also a b/w ePrint printer in the computer lab in GH2107 and on the eastern end of the third floor corridor.

Color printers in Grainger Hall and the LSRC offer a scan to email feature. Instructions are available on each printer by scanning the QR code or on the web:

At the Marine Lab in Beaufort, there are b/w ePrint printers in the Library, in Lab 5, Oceanography, Pilkey 105C, and Bookhout 113. There is also a color eprint printer in 113 Bookhout and a high-capacity duplex b/w printer.

NSOE staff, faculty and students get a 36USD allowance - approximately 144 pages - for color printing per semester. As with the OIT b/w queue, there is a significant cost break for printing double-sided. Once expended, further color printing will be charged to your Flex account. Employees without a Flex account, can open one here.

Poster Printing

Nicholas IT recommends PhD Posters. More info is available on their website: