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The Landscape Ecology Laboratory applies field studies, geospatial analysis, and simulation modeling in a synthetic approach to environmental problem-solving at large spatial scales. Our principal mission is to find rigorious ways to extrapolate our ecological understanding from the scales of field studies to the larger, longer scales of management and policy. We specialize in devising novel approaches to applications of immediate societal concern.

See the People page for faculty and graduate students working in the Lab. Personal websites and contact information are available via that page. Guidance for prospective students and visitors is also on the People page.

The Research page highlights one project currently being coordinated through the lab, an integrated analysis of the pattern and consequences of landscape change in the Triangle region of North Carolina, where Duke is located. Many other research projects are accessible via the websites of participating faculty and students.

Much of our teaching is coordinated through the School's Geospatial Analysis Program. For more information on specific courses, contact individual faculty.